Too many middlemen disconnects you from patients.

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Lost in Transition Telephones
Lost in Transition

Treating rare disease shouldn’t be like a bad game of telephone, with each step generating chaos and confusion. Patient adherence suffers, quality of care diminishes, manufacturers miss out on vital feedback and cost goes up. But imagine if you could cut past all that. We did.

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September 16, 2015

Bioscience execs say sector deserves greater support in Wisconsin

Madison — An aging population and dwindling median income, along with a lack of growth in manufacturing, all point to one thing: Wisconsin needs a plan for expanding high-paying jobs, key bioscience executives said Wednesday.
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September 16, 2015

Wisconsin biotech CEOs: State is too humble in marketing itself as industry hub

Wisconsin businesses are just too humble, according to a panel of CEOs assembled at Monona Terrace on Wednesday afternoon. “We have this serious inferiority complex and it’s so unjustified,” said Cynthia LaConte, CEO of Dohmen Life Science Services, a Milwaukee business that does staffing and consulting work with entrepreneurial life sciences firms. “We not only have great people, we have a fantastic quality of life in this state and we’re not telling our story to prospective investors.”
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September 16, 2015

Increase internal ROI for digital tactics

When promotional review teams partner with marketing professionals early in the development of digital tools, a company greatly enhances its internal ROI. Internal ROI reflects the efficient use of time and money spent internally preparing a digital tactic for use externally.
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September 12, 2015

Report says Wisconsin's bioscience industry needs better marketing

Wisconsin's bioscience industry is bolstered by one of the largest academic research efforts in the country and includes 1,600 businesses and nearly 36,000 employees. There's just one problem: Most people don't know it's there.
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July 15, 2015

Can this outsourcing model save health care?

A company has been formed to push aside the intermediaries standing between new drugs and the patients that need them. In the process, says Cynthia LaConte, CEO of Dohmen Life Science Services, this model of “intelligent outsourcing” will start to improve health care efficiencies and lower costs.
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May 18, 2015

Women in Business panelists promote change through leadership and innovation

When Cynthia LaConte stepped up in 2009 to lead Milwaukee-based life science firm Dohmen as chief executive officer, she knew change was imminent for the company that had been in her family’s hands for more than 150 years. “We saw the potential of building a model in support of an industry shift from one-size-fits-all therapies to more personalized, consumer-driven care,” she said. “So, we put together a long-term strategic plan to build and launch a company that could support that change.”
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April 21, 2015

Why businesses are moving to the city

In January 2015 Plunkett Raysich Architects announced it was moving back to the greater Downtown area. The company was founded in 1935 and located Downtown, but moved to the suburbs in the late 1960s and later to the city’s far Northwest Side. Now it’s coming back to where it started. “It’s really a location that’s thriving now,” says David Raysich, managing partner of the firm. “Downtown, the Third Ward, Walker’s Point, Milwaukee is a happening place right now.” The move, he says, will help the company recruit and retain young employees.
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March 26, 2015

Rare Diseases: Target Practice

An already-escalating orphan-drug market received an added lift when President Obama, in his State of the Union address in January, announced plans to finance a Precision Medicine Initiative with $215 million in this year's proposed budget. If passed, the funds would go toward establishing a voluntary million-patient data bank to leverage advances in gene sequencing and big data analytics.
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