Too many middlemen disconnects you from patients.

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Lost in Transition Telephones
Lost in Transition

Treating rare disease shouldn’t be like a bad game of telephone, with each step generating chaos and confusion. Patient adherence suffers, quality of care diminishes, manufacturers miss out on vital feedback and cost goes up. But imagine if you could cut past all that. We did.

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December 28, 2017

DLSS awarded ACHC Accreditations

Dohmen Life Science Services (DLSS) is proud to report that on November 14, 2017 the company received Specialty Pharmacy (SRX) and Infusion Pharmacy (IRX) accreditations from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

The accreditation demonstrates DLSS’ commitment to delivering the highest quality services to manufacturers and their patients. To achieve the honor, organizations submit to an extensive audit and review process to validate their policies, procedures and operations are of the highest standards.

“We pursued accreditation to both demonstrate our commitment to delivering the highest quality service for our clients, and most importantly their patients, and to affirm all our operations were going above and beyond what is required” said Kathi Henson, Chief Patient Service Officer, DLSS. “We are proud to be among the best in our industry.”

The ACHC only grants accreditation to healthcare companies that demonstrate the highest level of performance and patient care. DLSS takes great pride in knowing they received accreditation on their first attempt – a milestone rarely achieved and a testament to the operational excellence already in place at DLSS.