Too many middlemen disconnects you from patients.

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Lost in Transition Telephones
Lost in Transition

Treating rare disease shouldn’t be like a bad game of telephone, with each step generating chaos and confusion. Patient adherence suffers, quality of care diminishes, manufacturers miss out on vital feedback and cost goes up. But imagine if you could cut past all that. We did.

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September 12, 2017

Dohmen proudly supports upcoming Global Genes 2017 Rare Patient Advocacy Summit

Rare diseases affect 1 in 10 Americans - that’s roughly 30 million people. Every day Dohmen Life Science Services (DLSS) aims to reduce the burden of disease by offering patient services and support on behalf of orphan drug manufacturers. DLSS also supports rare disease patient advocacy organizations, including Global Genes and their upcoming 2017 Rare Patient Advocacy Summit, September 14-15 in Irvine, California.  

“We are looking forward to joining hundreds of patients, caregivers, advocates and industry leaders to connect and collaborate on the issues that matter most to them,” said Kathi Henson, Chief Patient Services Officer, DLSS. The educational event offers a great opportunity for members of the rare disease community to share best practices, offer insights and create powerful relationships.

This year, Linda Newberry-Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Clinical Navigation at DLSS, will participate in the event, Beyond Clinical Care: Working with an In-Home Nursing Caregiver Team, on Thursday, September 14. Newberry-Ferguson will join a parent and advocate to discuss the important role nursing plays in supporting better health outcomes.

To learn more about the Summit, as well as the Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala, visit