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March 27, 2017

Dohmen releases new white paper on improved outsourcing model for orphan drug manufacturers

The $114 billion orphan drug industry is traditionally served by a multi-channel model of disparate service providers. Each claims expertise in a specific niche of services, yet therapy adherence for rare disease patients is just over 58 percent. 

Download the 2017 White Paper

 The Dohmen Life Science Services white paper explores an integrated outsourcing model that’s driving better adherence, supporting healthier outcomes and helping orphan drug manufacturers continuously improve their patient program with lower cost and less risk.  Industry experts and patient advocates weigh in on why business process outsourcing must evolve. 

“The most difficult challenge is trying to identify and understand why patients slip through the cracks,” shares one expert. “If you had just one partner with the ability to track accurate and complete data in a format that’s easy to analyze, that would be a tremendous advantage." 

The paper explores the opportunity to improve onboarding, patient support, and data collection and analysis to the benefit of not only the manufacturer, but also for the patients they serve.

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