Patient Services

Because patients are your real customers. Isn't that why you got into this business in the first place?

Connect more closely with your patients.

85% of companies are raising their investment in patient-centric capabilities over the next 18 months*. There's a reason for that. Paying attention to patients helps drive better patient health, higher adherence and greater patient loyalty. DLSS creates a custom service wrap-around for your therapy. Built with you for the unique needs of your patients.

Program Design & Patient Onboarding

  • Market Assessment for Rare Disease Patients
  • Patient Experience Planning & Program Design
  • Call Center & Hub Services
  • Data Integration, Analytics & Dashboarding

A consistent patient experience based on a best practice standard of care.

  • Researching your patient population to develop the right patient program
  • Crafting a program to reflect the ideal patient journey
  • Shaping your data from a single source to provide actionable insights
  • Streamlining the process from prescription to first fill

50% decrease

in pending patients when client moved to DLSS

Dispensing & Delivery

  • Complex & Temp-controlled Product Handling
  • Direct-to-patient Delivery with 24 Hour Service
  • Companion Product Supplies & Kitting
  • Adherence Programs

Caring for rare patients – with direct-to-patient therapy delivery and adherence support – all from a single partner.

  • Highest quality, URAC accredited pharmacy standards for all product types
  • Proactive patient outreach that goes beyond delivery coordination
  • Increase patient convenience with a single source for your product and related supplies
  • Our programs are inherently structured to promote the highest level of adherence

Patient Care

  • Patient-centered Care Team
  • Dedicated Patient Service Coordinator
  • In-home Nursing Services
  • Personalized Patient & Caregiver Outreach

Patient-centric programs designed to deliver clinical, emotional and social support.

  • We invest the time to get to know every one of your patients by name
  • A single point of contact brings continuity and convenience for your patients
  • Lifting the burden of rare disease with a team of professionals that understand the journey
  • Drive higher patient adherence and loyalty by making it easy for patients to get therapy and clinical support in their homes, on their terms


patient satisfaction

Engagement & Advocacy

  • Peer-to-peer Patient Coaching
  • Patient Advocacy Liaisons
  • Program Outreach and Education
  • Disease-specific Patient Advocates

Driving engagement by connecting patients and their caregivers to a broader community.

  • Serving patients with a support system unlike any other…"Patients Serving Patients"
  • Bringing efficiency and program knowledge to physicians and caregivers
  • Building awareness and strengthening relationships with foundations and advocacy groups
  • Physician outreach that leverages the patient voice

Product Reimbursement

  • Payer Contracting
  • Benefits Investigation, Prior Authorization & Appeals Management
  • Patient Assistance Programs & Third-party Funding
  • Insurance Billing & Collections

Removing barriers to access by helping you and your patients navigate payer expectations.

  • Contracting to maximize the value of your product one payer at a time
  • Getting patients on therapy by quickly resolving insurance challenges
  • Removing financial barriers to treatment
  • Collecting your cash quickly and efficiently without traditional channel mark-ups

* Credit: Accenture 2016


Since 2009, Dohmen has been URAC-accredited as a Specialty Pharmacy and VAWD-accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. 


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