Too many middlemen disconnects you from patients.

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Lost in Transition Telephones
Lost in Transition

Treating rare disease shouldn’t be like a bad game of telephone, with each step generating chaos and confusion. Patient adherence suffers, quality of care diminishes, manufacturers miss out on vital feedback and cost goes up. But imagine if you could cut past all that. We did.

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Patient Services

Because patients are your real customers. Isn't that why you got into this business in the first place?

Connect more closely with your patients.

85% of companies are raising their investment in patient-centric capabilities over the next 18 months*. There's a reason for that. Paying attention to patients helps drive better patient health, higher adherence and greater patient loyalty. DLSS creates a custom service wrap-around for your therapy. Built with you for the unique needs of your patients.

Program Design & Patient Onboarding

  • Market Assessment for Rare Disease Patients
  • Patient Experience Planning & Program Design
  • Call Center & Hub Services
  • Data Integration, Analytics & Dashboarding

A consistent patient experience based on a best practice standard of care.

  • Researching your patient population to develop the right patient program
  • Crafting a program to reflect the ideal patient journey
  • Shaping your data from a single source to provide actionable insights
  • Streamlining the process from prescription to first fill

50% decrease

in pending patients when client moved to DLSS

Dispensing & Delivery

  • Complex & Temp-controlled Product Handling
  • Direct-to-patient Delivery with 24 Hour Service
  • Companion Product Supplies & Kitting
  • Adherence Programs

Caring for rare patients – with direct-to-patient therapy delivery and adherence support – all from a single partner.

  • Highest quality, URAC accredited pharmacy standards for all product types
  • Proactive patient outreach that goes beyond delivery coordination
  • Increase patient convenience with a single source for your product and related supplies
  • Our programs are inherently structured to promote the highest level of adherence

Patient Care

  • Patient-centered Care Team
  • Dedicated Patient Service Coordinator
  • In-home Nursing Services
  • Personalized Patient & Caregiver Outreach

Patient-centric programs designed to deliver clinical, emotional and social support.

  • We invest the time to get to know every one of your patients by name
  • A single point of contact brings continuity and convenience for your patients
  • Lifting the burden of rare disease with a team of professionals that understand the journey
  • Drive higher patient adherence and loyalty by making it easy for patients to get therapy and clinical support in their homes, on their terms


patient satisfaction

Engagement & Advocacy

  • Peer-to-peer Patient Coaching
  • Patient Advocacy Liaisons
  • Program Outreach and Education
  • Disease-specific Patient Advocates

Driving engagement by connecting patients and their caregivers to a broader community.

  • Serving patients with a support system unlike any other…"Patients Serving Patients"
  • Bringing efficiency and program knowledge to physicians and caregivers
  • Building awareness and strengthening relationships with foundations and advocacy groups
  • Physician outreach that leverages the patient voice

Product Reimbursement

  • Payer Contracting
  • Benefits Investigation, Prior Authorization & Appeals Management
  • Patient Assistance Programs & Third-party Funding
  • Insurance Billing & Collections

Removing barriers to access by helping you and your patients navigate payer expectations.

  • Contracting to maximize the value of your product one payer at a time
  • Getting patients on therapy by quickly resolving insurance challenges
  • Removing financial barriers to treatment
  • Collecting your cash quickly and efficiently without traditional channel mark-ups

* Credit: Accenture 2016


Since 2009, DLSS has been URAC-accredited as a Specialty Pharmacy and VAWD-accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.
Since November 14, 2017 DLSS has been accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).


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