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  • A large, ex-US pharma company had a strategic plan to enter the US market using several generic products. Their selection of a low-cost logistics company to assist in their product launches and ongoing channel services support resulted in disappointing service levels and a bad first impression for the brand.
  • With a first-to-market generic launch pending and reputation to protect, the business needed an experienced partner to devise a strategic market-entry plan to ensure speed to market.
  • The client also required a flexible channel support partner that could scale with their anticipated business growth.


  • The client selected DLSS instead of their existing vendor to support this critical product launch. Our team of project managers worked with the company to develop a journey map, which informed the launch design from their customer’s perspective and ensured launch success.
  • To extend the expertise and reach of their internal team, DLSS also provided operations and financial services support, which included inventory management, channel management, revenue cycle management and public payer support.
  • With DLSS managing day-to-day operations, the client was able to minimize capital investment in systems and infrastructure, focus its team on building customer relationships and flawlessly execute its US market strategy.


  • Strategic launch plan enabled client to beat competitor generics to market, establishing themselves in the marketplace much earlier than anticipated due to launch success
  • Efficient financial services allowed cash to be applied within 1 business day of deposit